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Experienced Leadership

Current Albertville City Council President Nathan Broadhurst is seeking the Republican nomination for Marshall County Commission Chairman. A native of north Alabama who was born and raised in Athens, Broadhurst has been a resident of Albertville since 2004. He started serving on the Albertville City Council twelve years ago, and he has served as president and finance chairman for the last ten years. Nathan is an experienced leader with proven results. He will bring a new vision, a collaborative approach and proactive planning and management to our county government.

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Proven Results

Along with Mayor Tracy Honea and fellow council members, Council President and Finance Chairman Broadhurst led the way to the improvement of more than 110 miles of city streets, the redevelopment and revitalization of downtown Albertville, the development of over 365,000 square feet of new retail space, the securing of $218 million in capital investments from industrial partners, and the investment of $90 million in new construction and renovations. Broadhurst plans to continue this success working for the county in the four key areas of infrastructure, economic development, education, and finances.

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Quality transportation and utility infrastructure is critical to future growth.

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