Economic Development

A strong industrial base and vibrant small business community is crucial for continued progress and prosperity.


Advancing Marshall County--One Vision, One Voice

This is the 5-year plan currently being implemented by the Marshall County Economic Development Council. The 4 priorities established in the plan align with my own goals for the growth of our county—workforce development, industry/business recruitment, industry/business retention and expansion, and a business-friendly public policy focused on transportation solutions, educational partnerships, and affordable housing.

As your chairman, I will work in partnership with our local cities and state delegation through the MCEDC, embracing our shared vision by aligning the county’s priorities to meet these goals and empowering our unified voice by putting the county’s resources to work achieving them.


Leverage Tourism

Our economy is diverse and the opportunity for growth is immense. The expansion of sports tourism in the county has been substantial with significant investment from all our major cities. Leveraging this along with the existing outdoor recreation activities available such as camping, hiking, boating, and fishing can serve as a catalyst to our retail, restaurant and lodging businesses. I will work with Marshall County Tourism & Sports, our incredible state parks, and local chambers of commerce to maximize the impact these visitors have on our local economy.

Red Tractor in Field

Support Local Farmers

Agriculture has always been a part of Marshall County's history and success and always will be. As your chairman, I will be an active partner with the Marshall County Farmers Federation, Cattlemen's Association, Poultry & Egg and other organizations that support our local farmers as well as the Extension office which provides educational programs that prepare the next generation of farmers. Working together we'll secure the resources they need to provide for our communities for years to come.