Excellence in the education of our children and young adults is the foundation of all future success.


Stand With Our County Schools

Quality educational opportunity should not begin and end at the city limits sign. As your chairman, I will be an active partner in providing the academic and extracurricular experience our children deserve, cultivating a strong working relationship with our county superintendent and school board. We will work together to identify and develop the resources needed to achieve their vision of better facilities, updated bus fleet, retaining and recruiting teachers, expanded arts and STEM programs, and increased access to technology.


Workforce Development

I will align the county's goals and priorities for workforce development with those identified by the Marshall County Economic Development Council in their 5-year plan.

  • Completing a needs assessment and compiling a database of the skill set and employment needs of our local industries and businesses

  • Working with city and county school systems as well as Snead State to align curriculum to meet those workforce needs.

  • Collaborating with those educational partners in outreach to students who will benefit most from technical and skilled work opportunities, including those underemployed and underprivileged populations.


Strengthen Secondary Education

I support the mission and vision of Snead State Community College to develop "productive and engaged citizens who make a positive difference in their community" and agree whole-heartedly that "education and training for any one of us benefits all of us." Snead State has always been an invaluable community partner, working to support our schools, businesses, cities and county. As your chairman, I will engage with their leadership team to identify ways in which the county can provide resources to enhance and strengthen the programs and facilities available to our students and community.