Financial Management

Proactive planning and budgeting are essential to the overall effectiveness of county government.

Analyzing Graphs

Comprehensive Review

My first step will be to undergo an in-depth review of the revenues, expenditures, and debts of the county. This will be an opportunity to identify potential inefficiencies or savings and possible reallocations or outsourcing. Next, I will inspect and inventory all property and equipment owned or in the care of the county to create a database which can be used to establish short and long-term needs. Then I will meet with each department, board, or other organization receiving funding or resources from the commission to clearly define their needs and the county's obligations. Completing this comprehensive review will lay the ground work necessary to begin developing a multi-year plan.

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Building The Team

I will build trust and create a culture of teamwork by bringing our elected leaders and county officials together and engaging our hardworking, dedicated county employees in the process of planning Marshall County's future success. Our initial tasks will be:

  • Commissioners to establish short and long-term priorities for infrastructure and equipment in their district

  • County engineer and his department to inspect and compile a full review of all county infrastructure, ranked by condition, including suggested priorities and projects over the next five years including preliminary cost estimates

  • County maintenance team to create a priority list of needed repairs to facilities as well as anticipated updates expected within a multi-year period

  • Personnel board to provide a multi-year proposed salary and benefits plan along with suggested intervals for pay studies to be completed

  • County administrator and commission staff to build multi-year budget projections based on past trend analysis and data collected from other departments, boards, county officials and other organizations funded through the commission

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5-Year Plan

Long-term planning and budgeting are the foundation of strong, effective government. With limited resources but far-reaching obligations, maximizing every dollar is critical to success. As your chairman, the financial management practices of the county will be my top priority. I will work to align our planning, budgeting and management policies and procedures with those considered the strongest by Standard & Poor's financial management assessment for local governments, specifically:

  • Historic trend analysis annually for revenue and spending; research to determine if revenues or expenditures will deviate from long-term trends within 2 to 3 years; revenue projections from independent sources

  • Quarterly budget review to identify problem areas and make timely adjustments; mid-year revenue and expenditure changes to meet management targets

  • Multi-year financial plan, including budget, with future issues identified and solutions implemented; financial decisions made with long-term perspective

  • Five-year rolling capital improvement plan with funding identified for all years, linked to the multi-year budget and revenue projections and financing strategies

  • Develop well defined investment management policy with clear reporting and monitoring procedures

  • Establish strategic debt management goals and priorities to support capital improvement plan and create policy to implement and monitor

  • Adopt a formal reserve policy considering cash flow, operating requirements and historic trends