Quality transportation and utility infrastructure is critical to future growth.

Road Constuction

10-Year Road Plan

I will work to develop a 10-year plan for rehabilitation, maintenance, and improved traffic flow on all our county roads and highways. A good plan begins with quality data. Working with the county engineering department, we will complete a comprehensive analysis of every county roadway, bridge, and storm water system and compile a list ranking these according to condition. Using this information, we will work with the commissioners to prioritize projects based on condition, useful life, and volume. With the help of the county administrator, we will identify the financial resources needed to fund the necessary repairs and improvements. Bringing all this information together, a long term plan can be created and implemented ensuring our roads and infrastructure are maintained in a timely and efficient way for years to come.


Capacity Solutions

Drivers in Marshall County can all agree on one thing—US Hwy 431 is a nightmare! Multiple cities have tried to address the problem but progress is slow. Capacity issues on our state and federal highways is not the problem of one or two cities. Gridlock on our major roadways affects us all, and finding solutions will benefit everyone. This is a challenge we must face as a county—together.

As your chairman, I will lead on this issue by collaborating with city, county, and state officials as well as industries to identify and implement solutions that can relieve pressure and improve traffic flow--not only for 431, but all our state and federal highways.

The first step is to install traffic signals with Smart technology. Equipment that can be easily managed, and most importantly share and respond to data in real-time, would have a huge impact helping to keep traffic moving through the most congested areas.

Next we must develop alternative routes to our main corridors. This could include adding lanes to other state, county, and city roads, improving or constructing bridges, and creating or updating intersections. Providing viable alternative routes for industries relying on heavy trucks to move their goods could mean hundreds of trucks per day no longer have to travel through the most congested areas. Making it easy for our residents and visitors to reach their destination using other roadways is another crucial step towards getting relief.

Over the long-term, more significant improvements will be needed to sustain and support our growth. Now is the time to begin planning for that day, and the county should play a central role in making that plan a reality.


Broadband Expansion

Broadband is vital infrastructure for Marshall County. Expanding access to reliable, high-speed internet supports industries and businesses, provides access to greater educational opportunities, and improves the overall quality of life for our residents.

Over the past few years, our local legislative delegation, specifically Sen. Clay Scofield, has worked hard to lay the ground work needed for us to make significant improvements in this effort. ADECA recently released a state-of-the-art map, built in partnership with local ISPs, allowing citizens and local leaders to identify the areas of greatest need.

Working together with state leaders and local service providers, we will create a plan for expansion and improvement. That plan will then be implemented by seeking state and federal grants, public-private partnerships and other funding sources.